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Mission and values

Our Mantras

  • Every Day Counts
  • Every Student Matters
  • Every Student Can Achieve
  • We make the difference

Our Essential Components

  • Know the minimum level benchmarks
  • Remove the tail
  • The As greater than Ds rule
  • Monitoring student achievement every 25 days

Our Values

  • Teacher accountable learning
  • Explicit instruction
  • Moving student knowledge from short term to long term memory (Consolidations)
  • Effective relationships between teachers and students

Our Imperatives for Engagement

  • Students trust and respect teachers
  • Students work at their level
  • Students have friends at school

Our Givens

  • Relationships make the difference
  • High Expectations for all
  • Presentation and Handwriting matters
  • Correction and Feedback is vital
  • Display provides direction
  • Classroom tone promotes success

Our emphasis on time on task

  • Student
    • Working noise
    • Listening skills
    • Focused learning
    • Group work
  • Teacher
    • Explicit Instruction

Our Pedagogy

  • Explicit Instruction
    • Lesson Intention
    • Success Criteria
    • Consolidation
    • I Do
    • We Do
    • You Do
    • Plough Back
    • Check for understanding throughout